With so many media channels available, never before has it been so important to create professional images for marketing activities that elevate you and your business the right way to each and every potential customer. With so much competition out there, it’s essential to create the right visual message through professional photography.

Steve can help with PR for those broader campaigns that include website productions to the corporate headshot. He regularly shoots events and seminars and works with a number of local business and PR companies across the south, delivering a service dedicated to producing professions images that convey the right message is essential. Furthermore, during the shoot, he’s always looking for those facial engagements, expressions and smiles. Additionally, he will look for audience participation and interactions. This is valuable content and great for the client. 


“The one important thing I’ve learnt is

how to look after people”.


Spending 25 years in the corporate world I understand what it means to look after people and how to meet expectations, this invariably makes my job as a photographer easier. By having the ability to listen and to understand and identify the vision the client wants is a huge part of delivering the right product.

After years of shooting film, in 2003 I went over to digital and still firmly believe it gives us far more artistic freedom than film ever did. Depending on the style of shoot, I use multiple Nikon bodies or a Fuji mirrorless system. Zooming Photography in Fareham, corporate, and event photographers.

 My Working Ethics

It’s never happened to me yet but what if my equipment fails? What if I drop my gear?  Of course there’s always that risk which is why I carry two back up bodies, multiple flash units, memory cards and lenses. I come prepared and this will ensure I can keep on shooting and deliver for you.

I always arrive at the venue at least an hour prior to the start. This means I’m always familiar with the venue and it also allows me to touch base with the organisers before the shoot starts. I am then able to create and deliver the product as the client requires.

I always shoot in Raw format and develop back at base before delivering to the client, normally within 48 hours. There are times however when people require the images the same or next day. This is isn’t a problem and I’ve been known to burn the candle well into the morning hours to get the job done.